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© Lighthouse Furniture Project Ltd. A Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee - Company No. 05249004  Registered Charity 1120398

We are a Christian based Not For Profit Social Enterprise and a Registered Charity.

Started about 20 years ago by a group of people, at what was then the Kings Church.  They went to the council seeking to serve the community and were invited to take on the council’s initiative to pass reusable furniture to those in need.  They got the council to give them some garages and used a trailer to distribute the furniture at weekends.  This has now grown to what we are today and in doing so we have helped over 8500 families/individuals, reused over 2000 tonnes and we are still growing.

As a ‘not for profit social enterprise no money comes out of the project and we are working for the good of the community.  There are no share holders or anyone else profiting from the project.  If  there is any surplus, it is used to further our charitable aims.

We are self sufficient and receive no large grants or funding from outside agencies.  If someone does make a donation, it is used to further our charitable aims.

As a charity we provide items to those on low income at significantly reduced prices and in some instances for free

We do this is by selling the items donated to us to the general public at one price and to those on income based benefits at a lower price.  This allows us to pay all our overheads, (5 warehouses, 6 vans and crews, utilities, staff, insurance, volunteer expenses etc.) but still leaves us with enough surplus items to support those in real need by giving them furniture and other essential items for free.  

We work with a wide variety of agencies, including Social Services, Brentwood and other local councils, Housing Associations, CAB, Family Mosiac, and local churches.  They refer clients to us, particularly those in greatest need.

Examples where we have helped

Over 40% of our turnover went to supporting at risk groups in 2014.  This equates to over £300,000 of our turnover.  

Since the projects inception we have helped over 10,000 individuals/families.

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